When Change Is Coming

In my day, magic was made in the darkroom.  We’ve come a “sort-of” long way from my high school days in the 90’s.  At the time, digital photography was an emerging concept, a theory at best.  Someone’s big idea waiting to happen.

I was a strange one, in my youth.  Why would anyone want to be called on the phone everywhere they go?  And getting rid of 35mm cameras?  They’re all INSANE, I declared! 

Fast forward to now.  I cannot leave the house with Galaxy Note 5.  The camera is amazing!  I cringe when I think back to burning and dodging in the darkroom.  Nightmares!  I can make all of the exposure corrections and fun enhancements with simple swipes in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop!

What have I learned from all if this, you ask?  Never say never.  Embrace innovation especially if makes your life easier.

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